Vickie Stringer

How To Succeed in the Publishing Game

Best-selling author and world-renowned publisher Vickie Stringer began her empire with one book: ''Let That Be the Reason.'' After enduring 26 rejection letters from mainstream publishers, Stringer began to explore the promising world of self-publishing. Stringer has distinguished herself as a Literary Renaissance Woman, boasting titles such as best-selling author, leading publisher, prominent literary agent and motivator to aspiring authors and self-publishers. In ''How to Succeed in the Publishing Game,'' Stringer reveals the secret to her success and unveils countless valuable tips and steps on how to become successful in the world of self-publishing: 1. Utilize creative means of generating start-up capital 2. Build winning relationships with editors, typesetters, graphic designers, printers 3. Ensure that your book will flourish in the hands of the right distributors, wholesalers, bookstores 4. Develop a steadfast marketing plan, brand and image that will sell itself 5. Utilize the complete guide to dependable references and resources 6. Harvest the benefits of a best-seller!
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