Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Fabulous Fashions of the 1930s

In the 1930s, the boyish flapper fashion of the 1920s gave way to womanly curves. The clothes were soft and feminine. Women grew their hair out and styled it into finger waves and pin curls. Sweetheart necklines and suntans were in style. But life was far from glamorous for the millions of Americans who lost everything during the Great Depression. Read about the fashions, fads, pop culture icons, and world events of the 1930s.
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    The 1930s saw the birth of the movie musical. These were elaborate undertakings, with beautiful costumes and an army of performers.
    Director Busby Berkeley was known for his musicals. He would place costumed women in beautiful patterns. Shot from overhead, they would look like a kaleidoscope.
    Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers also appeared in many movie musicals. They were a popular dance team. They tapped and waltzed through many films that remain classic to this day.
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    They listened to the radio and went to the movies. Both the radio and the movies were great ways to escape from everyday life.
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    Stylish women used to stay out of the sun because society valued fair complexions. But not in the 1930s. That is when sunbathing became fashionable! Best of all, it did not cost a dime.
    Famous designer Coco Chanel tanned on the French Riveria. Being tan became associated with the rich. Women loved to show off their tans with the new backless evening gowns of the time. But this love affair with the sun created the need for another accessory—sunglasses.

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