Wallace Kelly

Master the Art of: Sex and Seduction

Even if you're a complete introvert, thoroughly jaded, or totally clueless, you can master the art of Sex and Seduction!

The fairer sex really isn’t as difficult to understand as you might think, but one thing is for certain: you’ve probably been going about it all wrong.

I’ve been a relationship expert for a couple of decades now and mainly deal with women. As a counselor they trust me with their hearts and souls. They share everything with me; things they wouldn’t tell anyone else, not even their closest friend.

Over the years I gathered a lot of information from these ladies and discovered why it’s so hard for guys to pick them up and hang on to them. In this book I’ll share everything they revealed to me about seducing her, pleasing her, and mastering your own sexuality.
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    Having great sex doesn’t need to be rocket science, you simply need to be honest, a bit adventurous, and keep communication open between yourself and your partner. Sex should be fun and fulfilling on many levels, it shouldn’t be a chore, stressful, or boring. If it is, you may need to rethink your bedroom tactics.
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    Women often say that their men don’t listen to them.
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    Think of some of the sexiest men in the movies right now. They usually speak more slowly and with confidence.

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