Thomas J. Donohoe

The CEO's Digital Marketing Playbook

The CEO's Digital Marketing Playbook is the definitive playbook and crash course for both the baseline and advanced digital and direct marketing that every company on Earth needs to deploy in the 21st Century. Unlike the hundreds of books about social media or online advertising concepts, this step by step guide lays out every strategy and tactic that is essential to achieving the single greatest achievement in marketing: driving new customers and doing so profitably.
Every CEO, from startup to Fortune 100, needs to understand every concept in this book or risk bleeding money and opportunity, which 99% are doing whether they know it or not. Every marketing professional and small business owner needs to embrace the tactics laid out or risk being bad at their job of profitable customer generation and best practice marketing.
In just over 200 pages, every business professional can become a smart, customer generation focused digital marketer by following this playbook.
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    Afiq Rasyid Muhammadmembuat kutipan5 bulan yang lalu
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