Alexandra Södergran,Andrea Hansen,Sarah Skov,Julie Jones,Vanessa Salt,Sofia Fritzson

The Zodiac Series: 10 Erotic Short Stories for Sagittarius

“Suddenly his hands are all over her body and she lies down on the sofa with him on top of her. She moans and presses against him. He presses his hips against hers and she can feel how hard he is. He unbuttons her trousers and pulls them down together with her panties. He undresses too and then there is nothing left to keep them apart.” — A Spark of Lust
Part of an erotic star signs series from LUST, ‘The Zodiac Series: 10 Erotic Short Stories for Sagittarius’ is a collection of erotica that aligns with this star sign. Carefree and playful, this fiery sign makes for a great partner when it comes to fun flings and flame-filled one-night stands. These stories are packed full of exciting and new things to excite a Sagittarius. From experimenting to foreplay and new sex toys, this star sign is always looking for something different to excite them, and they’re not afraid to bring their enthusiasm and excitement to adventures between the sheets.
‘The Zodiac Series: 10 Erotic Short Stories for Sagittarius’ features the stories: ‘Swingers’, ‘Dear Brother-in-law’, ‘A Passionate Flame’, ‘A Fire of Desire’, ‘A Spark of Lust’, ‘Sixty-Four’, ‘My Roommates Toy’, ‘Peep Show’, ‘The Piano Teacher’.
LUST is a publishing house that publishes a collection of sexy and imaginative erotica. They’re on a mission to publish erotic literature that will appeal to every different kind of person, by representing different types of lust and desire to allow ourselves to understand that it’s okay to think about your sexuality, sex, and what turns you on.
This compilation includes erotic short stories written by the following LUST authors: Sarah Skov, Vanessa Salt, Andrea Hansen, Julie Jones, Alexandra Södergran, and Sofia Fritzson.
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