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Charles Godfrey Leland

The Mystic Will. A Method of Developing and Strengthening the Faculties of the Mind, through the Awakened Will, by a Simple, Scientific Process Possible to Any Person of Ordinary Intelligence

Charles Godfrey Leland (1824–1903) was an American humorist, journalist, and folklorist. He is credited with being one of the main forces in the development of neo-paganism.
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    But glorious and marvelous is the power of him who has habituated himself by easy exercise of Will to brush away the minor, meaningless and petty cares of life, such as, however, prey on most of us; for unto him great griefs are no harder to endure than the getting a coat splashed is to an ordinary man.
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    To which one may truly reply that all delight is fitful and uncertain unless bound or blended with the power to be indifferent to involuntary an
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    It requires thought to realize what a man gifted to some degree with culture and common sense must enjoy who can review the past without pain, and regard the present with perfect assurance that come what may he need have no fear or fluttering of the heart. Spenser has asked in "The Fate of the Butterfly"

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