Elizabeth Bear,Catherynne Valente,Seanan McGuire,Michael Damian Thomas,The SF Squeecast

Harvest Season

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The cold is coming.

An orange harvest moon rises above the horizon and the chill air carries the promise of the first frost that will soon be crunching beneath our feet. There is the tang of smoke in the air, of leaves piled together and burning brightly as we push back against the darkness. It is time now, time to reap so that later it will be time to sow, time to gather in the harvest of summer past to sustain us during the long, cold nights that will arrive far too soon.

It is a time for endings, and change, and new beginnings to come.

Join the members of the Hugo Award-winning SF Squeecast as they take us on a journey around this world and other worlds not so far from our own, to places where it is time at last for the Harvest Season.
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    “What do you mean, your mother’s a vampire?” I demanded. “Vampires don’t exist!”

    “Neither do zombies, and neither do nameless mystery girls from the woods, but here we are,” said Jude. “For someone who doesn’t know her own name, you’re awfully judgmental about the life choices of others.”
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    The candle cannot be cut in half because you wish to begin burning it at the middle. All that would do is shorten your candle, and consequentially shorten the life of the light. No. It is better to let the whole thing burn, knowing that you will have to wait for a time, knowing that you cannot hurry the process, because then you will know, when you are back in the darkness, that you have done everything you can.
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    “Make sense!”

    “But that, my dear, is not my job. You’re awake, aware, and best of all, here. That was my job. The rest is up to you.”
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