Taleb Hammad

A.S.K. Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge

Attitude, Skills and Knowledge are the three main pillars of self enhancement. You need to have the right attitude around colleagues, with clients and employees, you should have the right knowledge on how you should achieve your goals, how to plan them and what your industry and target audience is all about, and required skills that are built to change behavior, presenting your service is a key issue for any company that wants to sell and do business. The most important thing about a good presentation is to create interest and show that you are not like others, that you have added value that your client or prospect can use to solve a need he has. This book emphasizes on the selling tips you need to achieve all this. It helps any salesperson to boost up company revenue by polishing up skills. This book answers main objectives for sharpening your skills and talent that you need to accomplish your goals in life.
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