Kendall Ryan

Playing for Keeps (Hot Jocks Book 1)

A sexy, brother's best friend hockey romance from New York Times bestseller Kendall Ryan, kicks off a series you'll devour!
I've never been so stupid in my entire life. My teammate's incredibly sweet and gorgeous younger sister should have been off-limits, but my hockey stick didn't get that memo.
After our team won the championship, and plenty of alcohol, our flirting turned physical and I took her to bed. Shame sent her running the next morning from our catastrophic mistake.
She thinks I don't remember that night—but every detail is burned into my brain so deeply, I’ll never forget. The feel of her in my arms, the soft whimpers of pleasure I coaxed from her perfect lips…And now I’ve spent three months trying to get her out of my head. Which has been futile, because I’m starting to understand she’s the only girl I’ll ever want.
I have one shot to show her I can be exactly what she needs, but Elise won’t be easily convinced. That’s okay, because I’m good under pressure, and this time, I’m playing for keeps.
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Get ready to meet your new favorite hot jocks in this series of stand-alone novels. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick (on and off the ice), and smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series of athlete romances is perfect for you!
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    Анна Карпычеваmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    “Was your … condition … the reason you didn’t want to hang out tonight?”
    I smirk at him. “My condition? It’s not a disease, you know.”
    His eyes meet mine, softening. “I know that.”
    “And yeah. I mean, I figured I was out of commission and wouldn’t be much use to you tonight.”
    Анна Карпычеваmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    He presses a long kiss to my lips, and then carefully withdraws. I curl my knees up to my chest, still panting.
    “Are you okay?” He looks down at me in admiration.
    I did little more than lay here, but I’m glad he looks pleased. Actually he looks more than pleased. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him look this happy and tender. He touches his lips to mine again, and then runs his thumb over my core in the most distracting figure-eight.
    “I got you all messy.” His tone is almost reverent.
    I can’t help the giggle that bursts from my lips. “Trust me it was more than worth it.”
    Justin helps clean me up and we lay together in bed for a long time, just talking
    Анна Карпычеваmembuat kutipan7 bulan yang lalu
    I feel Justin’s calming hand press between my shoulder blades, rubbing gently. It calms me almost instantly. “You okay, babe?” His chiseled features are drawn into a tight line, and his expression is unreadable.

    I smile, trying to reassure him. “Fine. I’m sure everything’s fine. It’s just sometimes my brother is such a jackass.”

    “There’s no denying that.” He leans closer, nuzzling his face into my neck. “I have to agree with you on that…but I may think he’s an idiot for different reasons than you. If it’s any consolation, though, I love you.”

    “I know you do. And can I just say I’m so glad your manwhore days are behind you?”

    He chuckles then, his lips grazing my jawline again. “I am too, sweetheart. I am too.” He kisses me once softly on the lips and then meets my eyes. “I’ve got everything I need right here.”
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