Brian Tracy

The Art of Closing the Sale

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“Let me think it over.”
Early in his sales career, world-renowned sales expert Brian Tracy couldn't find a way to overcome that simple five-word objection and close the sale. Then he discovered a technique that worked. Business boomed. Tracy broke every sales record in his company and increased his income twenty-fold.
Since that breakthrough many years ago, Tracy has meticulously studied and collected the best of the best in sales-closing techniques. Now, in The Art of Closing the Sale, he shares this wealth of knowledge that has already helped more than one million people maximize their sales results.
No matter how eloquent or passionate a salesperson you may be, no matter how friendly your smile or likable your personality, if you can't close the sale, your efforts yield nothing.
The Art of Closing the Sale teaches the learnable skills that anyone can use to transform the sales process into a consistent win. This book is an absolute must-read for every sales professional seeking to boost their career and create a future of success.
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    Eduardo Barrientosmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    The biggest single obstacle to great success in selling is your ability to get a prospect to take action.
    Eduardo Barrientosmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    I finally realized that it was not the product, the price, the market, or the competition that was holding me back from making sales. It was me. More specifically, it was my fear of asking a closing question

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