John Braddock

A Spy's Guide To Strategy

Compare your strategy to a spy's strategy.

In the sequel to the #1 Kindle Single A Spy's Guide To Thinking, a former spy puts you in his head. He shows you what he sees: Allies, enemies and allies who could become enemies.

He shows you how he built his strategies.

He shows how to reason backward with the logic of Positive-Sum and Zero-Sum Games.

He shows you how his strategy always starts with game theorists' First Rule of Strategy: “Look forward and reason backward.”

He shows you how the same process worked in World War I, the “War On Terror,” and his own strategy with a lying source.

Bestselling author John Braddock was a case officer at the CIA. He lived what he teaches. A former university fellow, he now helps people and organizations sharpen their strategies with customers and their competition.

Is his way of building a strategy better than yours?

Buy this book to find out.
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    But first, I wanted to understand why. I wanted to understand the decision behind the lies.
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    “What people do affects what other people do.” - Thomas Schelling
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