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Will becoming a Millionaire really set you free? How about the American Dream? If we, as a nation, declare freedom to be our number one priority, then why do so many of us, at a gut-level, feel less freedom than ever? Americans are working harder than ever to obtain financial success and material possessions based on the delusion that more will lead to a better life. The typical American is trading away the vast majority of their life in hopes that, someday, they will have enough to experience ‘the good life.’
Meanwhile, this tradeoff is the very thing that is robbing them of their freedom and the ability to enjoy an abundant life… right now.
So, where do we find freedom?  What should we pursue?
In Lifeonaire: An Uncommon Approach to Wealth, Success, and Prosperity, Steve Cook answers these questions by challenging us to consider what it is that we really desire out of life. Through this fictional story, he shares how Americans blindly pursue financial wealth—thinking that money will reward them with what they want—and helping us to discover that our heart’s desire is to become more than just a Millionaire… what we really desire is to become a Lifeonaire.
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