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The Editors of Popular Photography Magazine

How To Photograph Everything

This gorgeously illustrated guide covers simple techniques for stunning photography of all kinds—from weather to wedding and aerial to underwater.
The world is full of breathtaking images just waiting to be captured. How to Photograph Everything shows you how to approach thrilling subjects and get the picture-perfect shot you’re after.
The editors at Popular Photography show you exactly how shoot and enhance photos of more than forty subjects—from landscapes to wedding portraits, sporting events, fireworks, and extreme weather. Filled with ideas for shooting, must-have gear guides, 500 beautiful photographs and the simple step-by-step guidance you need to reproduce them, How to Photograph Everything will help you get the best shot, every time.
Subjects include: Aerial photography, Animals, Arts & Architecture, Fireworks, Nudes, Portraits, Still Lifes, Street Photography, Underwater photography, Weather, and Weddings.
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Weldon Owen
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    A successful composition both highlights key visual elements and artfully represents a photographer’s view of the world.
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    STRIKING AND OFTEN ACCESSIBLE, monuments and other landmarks hold a powerful attraction for photographers. Since they’ve already been depicted so many times, the challenge of creating distinctive images of landmarks can be steep. Rise to the occasion with shots that don’t just say “I was here,” but that also offer insight into the monument’s meaning and impact.
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    A frame-filling shot of cherry blossoms, or a sweeping panorama of a field of single-color wildflowers, can wreak havoc on your camera’s automatic white balance—even the smartest DSLRs and ILCs will try to compensate for that overall color cast. Switch to a manual white-balance preset for the lighting conditions, whether sunny, overcast, or cloudy.

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