Stephanie Baker

A Guide To Investing For Kids

Kids will always be kids.

They want to play, run to the fields, watch their favorite cartoons and do fun stuff.

But most of all… they are curious.

They love to ask many questions, of how and why things happen.

So why not take the opportunity and tell them about financial literacy?

Adults are afraid that if they teach so much to a kid at a young age, they will not get their interest. But kids are developing mentally, and are having interesting thoughts.

Give them lessons about a business they can start, and let them do some enterprising and investment. You could even teach them about the rich and poor mindset. Eventually, when they became teens and grown ups, they will earn their own money, and they might even dream to be an entrepreneur and start a business.

Remember that teaching them while they are young can make a great impact while they are growing. Share them the steps and takeaways to reach success.

Studies show that the earlier the children were introduced to money and saving, the more likely they will be good at budgeting when they grow up.

With this book, you will get ideas on how you can teach your kids to save, invest and budget their own money in an entertaining way.

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