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Gary Ramsey

Personal Branding Secrets For 2019

Personal Branding Secrets is going to be your best go-to personal branding guide for 2019. Going into the new year, everything around you will be shifting. In the past, tacky tactics like cold messaging, excessive self-promotion, and lame sales ads being plastered all over the internet were advocated as the best ways to market yourself. These strategies have lost their impact and are no longer effective at building your brand. In fact, they may just damage it.

In Personal Branding Secrets, you are going to learn how to put the social back into social media and use networking as one of your best secrets, alongside many others that you will learn in this book. You are also going to discover how to master the four key social media platforms to build your personal brand: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Each of these platforms is essential in helping you identify yourself, set yourself apart, and get your name out there. With the right strategies in place, you will find yourself rapidly climbing the ladder of recognition and eventually, success, in 2019, making you one of the best-known personal brands out there.

If you are ready to play amongst the best and be considered as one of the greats, you need to get your hands on a copy of Personal Branding Secrets today. Download your copy and start enforcing your new strategies so that you can experience massive success in your personal brand in 2019.
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    The second rule is that you never want to use hashtags that are barely seen, nor do you want to use hashtags that are overused. There are some exemptions here, however. For example, if you are working on using a particular hashtag to engage with your audience, then you have likely decided to use one that has never been used before.
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    There are two particular “rules” you need to follow when it comes to using hashtags on Instagram. The first rule is that you should never share the hashtags in the caption of your image unless it is a single extremely relevant one, or a custom one that you are using to help your audience engage with you. In this case, one or two is fine. However, the bulk of your hashtags should actually be placed within the first comment of your image within 30-45 seconds after posting your image. This ensures that your image gets engagement quickly, which supports Instagram’s algorithm in pushing you up further in the feed so that you can get seen by a larger audience. That being said, you should pre-write your hashtag group out in a note on your phone then copy it so that as soon as you hit “share”
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    Stories also offer two great marketing strategies that will help you dominate marketing in 2019. The first one is suspense marketing. Sharing images with your audience that gives a small insight as to what you are doing or what you are about to release without giving the full details or full demonstration is a great way to get people seeing what you are doing and have them start asking questions. The buildup of anticipation makes them far more interested

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