Jules Verne

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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    This book is for people that like adventurous books and mystery as this book shows how a man's brother can go to the centre of the Earth by themselves without any people to help him and how his brother and son try to do it again.

    Kate Elmembagikan kesan2 tahun yang lalu
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    Lovely classic adventure book, one of my favourite from this era. It's creative, engaging and easy to read.

    Minnah Hafizmembagikan kesan5 tahun yang lalu

    There was so many great little adventures in this book


    gerçek bilimmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    THE "Voyages Extraordinaires" of M. Jules Verne deserve to be made widely known in English-speaking countries by means of carefully prepared translations. Witty and ingenious adaptations of the researches and discoveries of modern science to the popular taste, which demands that these should be presented to ordinary readers in the lighter form of cleverly mingled
    Jamila Elyahyaouimembuat kutipan4 bulan yang lalu
    ventured to point out
    Jamila Elyahyaouimembuat kutipan4 bulan yang lalu
    indulging in the luxury of extended beneficence

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