Michelle Love

Dirty Money

The attraction was instant…
I went for drinks with my friends and ended up with a fascination for our waitress.
It was those eyes that hooked me. Sad with a side of sexy.
All I could think about was how her body would feel as it gave into mine.
How her cries would sound when I allowed her that sweet release.
How I'd watch those sad eyes turn into satisfied ones.
But Aulora Greene wasn't about to let me have things the way I wanted them.
No, she was a runner. No matter how fast or far she ran,
I wasn't stopping until I had her where I wanted her. Naked and moaning…
Raw lust filled me as our eyes met…
Weston Calloway was the best looking guy I'd ever seen, and he was looking at me like I was a piece of meat.
If his mere attention to me could make moisture pool in my panties, then what would his touch do to me?
All I could think about was what it would feel like to have his body crushing mine into the bed as he forced me to accept what only he could give me. Incredible satisfaction.
But I was a runner, always had been. He never gave up, though, not ever. And when he got me right where he wanted me, well, I was never the same…
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