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Meryl Hershey Beck

Stop Eating Your Heart Out

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Many women use food to numb feelings and become binge eaters or overeaters. Food becomes their primary means for coping with everyday stress, anxiety and other difficult feelings. Drawing on her experience of working with compulsive overeaters and binge eaters for over twenty years, Meryl Beck has developed a revolutionary approach for rewiring your brain that incorporates spiritual, physical and emotional tools for getting healthy. This 21 day plan brings together tools from psychotherapy, the 12 Steps, personal growth work and energy healing. STOP EATING YOUR HEART OUT offers a way to rewire the brain to respond differently to the impulses and feelings that create bingeing. Beck, a therapist and former binge eater, takes an approach to recovery from emotional eating that incorporates spiritual, emotional and energy work. She focuses on a number of areas including: – Becoming honest with yourself – Finding support group – Developing a plan for spiritual growth – Using energy techniques for re-wiring your brain – Personal house cleaning – Conscious living Beck successfully blends her personal story and anecdotes from her years of professional experience that will help the millions of women who wrestle daily with the relationship with food.
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