Audrey Carlan

Limitless Love

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I’m a good person. At least I try to be. After my husband left me, I picked up the pieces of my broken heart and tried to move on. One shattered piece at a time.

Just when I thought things were looking up, that I had suffered enough at the hands of fate, my past came back with nothing to lose and a blade that cut…deep.

Figuratively and physically scarred, I had nothing left to hold on to. That’s when Clayton Hart entered my world. With his blue eyes, spikey blond hair, and a body packed with muscles, I never stood a chance.

Clayton pushed his way into my life, my bed, and my heart, proving that only the truest love can be limitless.
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    Okay, this series just keeps getting better and better 😍


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    “Kyle?” I knew it deep down to my soul that my ex, my attacker, was on the line. The sensation of acid burning my skin filtered through every pore as I held the receiver tighter and tried not to be frightened.
    Breathe, Monet. Breathe. He doesn’t control you.
    “You know, Monet, I have dreamed every night about slitting your throat and watching you bleed out onto the concrete floor of that garage.”
    I reached for my neck on instinct. My throat tightened and I slammed my hand against the wall, trying to breathe and calm down. “No, Kyle, no. Why?” The words were small, childlike, and filled with sorrow.
    He chuckled as though what he was doing was nothing more than a sick game. “Monet, you stupid cunt. I told you. That money you have should have been ours. You’re just wasting it away on that beaker baby and that fucktard friend of yours. You’re probably buying her bullshit art now too.”
    I clenched my teeth, my entire body now shaking uncontrollably. “I gave you everything,” I choked out, gripping the phone as hard as I could even though I wanted to smash it against the wall. He’d been my husband, the man I opened my heart and body to.

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