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Speed Reading

Take Action Today and Start Improving Your Reading Speed and Memory Recall Abilities!Get The Edge At Work By Assimilating More Information In Smaller Periods Of Time and Hence Increasing Your Productivity!

Reading is a fun and enjoyable activity, but can be very tiring especially if it’s made a mandatory task — for example, for work or school. During those times when lengthy readings seem like a burden, speed-reading can be a big help.

Speed-reading is exactly what its name says — it’s all about learning to read faster. Don’t be mistaken though; it’s not just reading swiftly, but it’s all about reading but still able to understand what you’re reading.

In Today's world, recalling something simple as A name can be a daunting task at times. Yet the consequences can be very dramatic such as a gain or loss of a relationship or trust since the most important thing to a person is their name! With this book you will be able to recall names faster and never get into trouble. Just practice the Exercises!

This book contains 9 chapters — all chapters containing substantial information about speed-reading. Not only it contains details on what speed-reading is, but it also contains FAQs, effects, and how it affects you as a reader. It also gives you an idea on the different kinds of readers — maybe you fall on one of those categories!

Of course, this book has information on how you do speed-reading: the different methods surrounding it, techniques that help you master it, as well as the common mistakes and myths that you may have heard about it. Not only you’ll be taught to do speed-reading, but you’ll also know how to improve and to be better everyday.

Check out this book — it’ll be a great help, I promise. Soon you’ll be a better speed reader in no time!

Here are some of the great stuff You will learn in this book:-

•Skills Involved in Speed-reading

•Food to eat for better Memory and Focus

•Types of Memory and how to take advantage of Each

•Calculating Your Reading Speed

•Discover what type of reader you are

•Step by Step Speed reading process

•Einstein's Secret Method For Better Focus

•Interactive Phone apps that will skyrocket your progress And much much more!

Get Your Book Copy Today! By Getting this book today you are investing in yourself! That takes courage and yields the highest of results! Robin Sharma once said “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”And Guess what, He was right! How long more are you going to delay enjoying the Benefits of being a speed reader/learner? Benefits such as Better focus, Improved Memory,More Relaxed, Better Retention, More Productive,More confidence,better logic….the list goes On! Take action Today and Buy the Book Now!
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    A: Learn how to perform eye exercises to maintain healthy eyesight. Move your eyes clockwise – this’ll stretch and strengthen your eye muscles. Rolling your eyes will help too. Stop and rest after performing a complete clockwise turn; do a counterclockwise turn afterwards. Do this three times, then blink rapidly, and then close your eyes

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