Dwayne Anderson

Money Is Best Learned, Before It’s Earned

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Daily pursuit of money can pull people away from all other matters related in life is now becoming more  a  reality. Some people who have  made  their  millions  are turning to something else for life fulfilment. Some  contribute  as  being  volunteers, others became philanthropists  and  are giving their money away to help those less fortunate.

Why is this happening?

With present society, where there are an over flux of  so much distractions from data  information, and knowledge based education along with the profusion of digital  media  and recreational options  it seems  most  people  start  to drift and  lost in confusion  from higher principled mentality sometime lost  in their  purpose. They are learning faster   of  what everything is made of but sometime forgetting what and where  they started  off from …  Many forgotten ;

Money Is Best Learned, Before It's Earned

Some temptations are more universal than others. Most people will not  become  overnight  millionaires but many people realize  that in today's disruptive economies  there are new  opportunities  to become very rich.  At the very least there is opportunity to get…just a little more.

In this worldly  pursuit of just  more money, it  has pushed people to take up drastic changes to their  lifestyle  and  is  also  realized,  that it is  reasonable to think that it can also  pull them away  from many other things as well…even  their personal  self   or  to forget the fundamentals

This  book is filled  with excellent ideas and concept of daily struggle  to understand  money  science against money mind . To succeed, one must learn to accept the constant  change  to adaptation  for setting  the psychological stage for  stronger  financial habits
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