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Johanna Sinisalo

The Core of the Sun

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The Eusistocratic Republic of Finland has bred a new human sub-species of receptive, submissive women, called eloi, for sex and procreation, while intelligent, independent women are relegated to menial labour and sterilized. Vanna, raised as an eloi but secretly intelligent, needs money to help her doll-like sister, Manna.
Vanna forms a friendship with a man named Jare, and they become involved in buying and selling a stimulant known to the Health Authority to be extremely dangerous: chilli peppers. Then Manna disappears, and Jare comes across a strange religious cult in possession of the Core of the Sun, a chilli so hot that it is rumoured to cause hallucinations.
Does this chilli have effects that justify its prohibition? How did Finland turn into the North Korea of Europe? And will Vanna succeed in her quest to find her sister, or will her growing need to satisfy her chilli addiction destroy her?
Johanna Sinisalo's tautly told story of fight and flight is also a feisty, between-the-lines social polemic — a witty, inventive, and fiendishly engaging read from the queen of 'Finnish Weird'.
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  • dave80564membagikan kesan6 tahun yang lalu
    🚀Sangat menarik

    Finnish Weird at its finest!

  • b8453453735membagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu
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    🚀Sangat menarik

    Cant believe I put off reading this for as long as I did... completely engrossing

  • Lise Sin Andersenmembagikan kesan4 tahun yang lalu
    👍Layak dibaca

    Anderledes og spændende


  • Soliloquios Literariosmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    Religion offers easy answers to your problems, ready-chewed moral guidelines, and it has the bonus of getting people to monitor their own behavior.
  • b8453453735membuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    The future hadn’t happened yet; it lay dormant and pure and untouched just beyond the curtain of time.
  • Soliloquios Literariosmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    Since I’m a married eloi I can’t get them without a doctor’s prescription for valid health reasons, because mascos determine the size of a family. I don’t want a baby. It might be a girl.

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