Orison Swett Marden

Wisdom & Empowerment: The Orison Swett Marden Edition (18 Books in One Volume)

This unique collection of “Wisdom & Empowerment: The Orison Swett Marden Edition (18 Books in One Volume)" has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards.

Dr. Orison Swett Marden (1848–1924) was an American inspirational author who wrote about achieving success in life and founded SUCCESS magazine in 1897. He is often considered as the father of the modern-day inspirational talks and writings and his words make sense even to this day. In his books he discussed the common-sense principles and virtues that make for a well-rounded, successful life. His first book, Pushing to the Front (1894), became an instant best-seller. Marden later published fifty or more books and booklets, averaging two titles per year.


An Iron Will

Architects of Fate or, Steps to Success and Power

Be Good to Yourself

Character: The Grandest Thing in the World

Cheerfulness as a Life Power

Eclectic School Readings: Stories from Life

Every Man A King or, Might in Mind Mastery

He Can Who Thinks He Can, and Other Papers on Success in Life

How to Get What You Want

How To Succeed — Or, Stepping-Stones To Fame And Fortune

Keeping Fit Little Visits with Great Americans or, Success Ideals and How to Attain Them

Peace, Power and Plenty

Prosperity — How to Attract It Pushing to the Front or, Success Under Difficulties

The Miracles of Right Thought

The Victorious Attitude

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