Ken Horner

Kitchen Projects for the Woodworker

Over 65 fun, useful, and beautiful home woodworking projects for the kitchen: cutting boards, trivets, spoons, kitchen stools, and more! Dress up your kitchen―and make it more functional―with these stylish, easy-to-make kitchen projects for the home woodworker. Master woodworking craftsman Ken Horner presents his best designs for useful items for the kitchen: cutting boards, trivets, spoons and spoon holders, spice shakers, trays, glass holders, candlesticks, kitchen stools, coasters, trays, bowls, baskets, knife holders and more. br>Step-by-step instructions and illustrations make each project simple to complete while building your woodworking skills. Kitchen Projects for the Woodworker will give you the plans and confidence to make your kitchen functional and fun.
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