Roger Dawson

Secrets of Power Problem Solving

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Let's face it: very few people have studied how to solve problems. Problems knock us down like a tsunami and we don't know what to do about it. We lie awake at night worrying about it and spend our days stressing out over a situation that only seems to get worse. It doesn't have to be that way. Roger Dawson has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to negotiate, persuade, and make decisions, with his lectures, audio programs and books, and now he has turned his attention to something that everyone needs: a way to solve life's problems. Secrets of Power Problem Solving provides proven techniques and sure-fire strategies for solving eveything the world throws at you. You'll enjoy greater success as you learn how to: Treat every problem as a golden opportunity. Make your intuition work for you. Evaluate your available choices. Create options when you see no solution. Avoid problems in the first place.
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    Sophea Leymembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    you lower your expectations of other people you will be able to control your anger.
    Sophea Leymembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    values are clear, decision-making is easy
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