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Today, humanity is caught up in the mad complexity of the mind, and as never before, there is an urgent need to rediscover simplicity and innocence. Osho brings to life the inherent and timeless wisdom of traditional Zen stories. He shows us that Zen is a way of dissolving philosophical problems, not of solving them. It is a way of getting rid of philosophy, because philosophy is a sort of neurosis. Zen is for those intelligent enough to understand the limitations of the intellect and ready to recognize the significance of intuition in the world of mysticism.
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    Shubhendu Kumarmembuat kutipan10 bulan yang lalu
    No, I don’t mean that you don’t do, I mean you become a non-doer. Things start happening. You don’t do them, they happen. The doer, the manipulator, goes, dissolves, disappears – and with the doer gone, the ego is no longer found.
    Shubhendu Kumarmembuat kutipan10 bulan yang lalu
    Listen silently, and don’t think that you will forget. There is no need to remember; only that which is rubbish has to be remembered, because you go on forgetting it.

    Whenever you hear the truth there is no need to remember it, because it cannot be forgotten. You may not be able to remember the words but you will remember the essence

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