Cynthia Freeman

The Cynthia Freeman Collection Volume One

Three epic historical romances from the “compulsively readable” New York Times–bestselling author of A World Full of Strangers (TheWashington Post Book World).
With more than twenty-two million copies of her books sold, many of them New York Times bestsellers, Cynthia Freeman has delighted her legion of fans with sweeping historical epics of passion, heartbreak, duty, and family.
The Days of Winter: In this New York Times–bestselling epic spanning both World Wars, Rubin Hack betrays his wealthy family and intended bride when he falls for the beguiling Magda. And their daughter is later caught in her own dilemma of passion.
The Last Princess: An heiress is disinherited when she breaks her engagement to the scion of a rich family for the sake of true love. But as Prohibition ends, she and her husband are tested by the trials of the Great Depression, in this New York Times bestseller.
Always and Forever: In postwar Berlin to assist refugees, an American woman falls in love with a handsome physician—only to marry his cousin. Through the years, though her life is happy in many respects, she is haunted with yearning for the man she can’t forget.
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