Kate Pullinger

Weird Sister

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“A perfect, gruesome, little tale” Independent on Sunday

Agnes Samuel is an American, beautiful, witty, cool, the kind of woman people remember. She arrives among the respectable citizens of Warboys like a cat among the pigeons.

Before long she has insinuated herself into the affections of the sleepy Fenland village and into the heart of the ancient Throckmorton family, a family that harbours a dark secret.

Nobody remembers another Agnes Samuel from long ago, a frightened girl betrayed by her wealthy neighbours and hanged as a witch.

Weird Sister is a chilling tale of revenge across generations that will send shivers your spine.

Praise for Weird Sister:

“Daphne du Maurier retold by Margaret Atwood” Times Literary Supplement

“Pullinger has created a thrilling combination of Rebecca and Mrs Danvers” Independent

“Pullinger’s exercise in gothic fantasy is as seductively clever as its heroine."" Sunday Times

“The real possibility that, this time, good will not overcome evil keeps you reading.” Daily Telegraph

“This is a bewitching yarn, perfect reading for a dark winter’s night with the wind howling at the door.” Daily Mail
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