Robin Sacredfire

ESQ – Extraordinary Success Quotient: Principles for an Amazing Psychological Power beyond Intelligence, Emotions and The Law of Attraction, that allows Predicting the Future

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Before understanding how to become more successful we need to understand how to become more intelligent, and the topic itself must be clarified and emptied of misunderstandings and misconceptions. In order to do so, there are three paths to study:
The scientific definition of intelligence;
The practical purpose of intelligence in life;
The mechanics behind intelligence.
While the first and second points seem clear for the scientific community, the third is still a mystery for the vast majority, or even seen as a myth.
Even though this book addresses the first two perspectives, is focused in describing the third to explain the meaning of the first two and how misleading they can be if misinterpreted.
On another hand, if you do understand the mechanics behind intelligence, you can become more intelligent from a scientific perspective and also make anyone become more intelligent. Know that the method described in this book, when applied, have successfully transformed the worse students into the best, created geniuses out of nothing and in weeks, and stimulated creativity, as well as speed, in its business applications. The principles behind the ESQ are responsible for the profit of 70% of the biggest companies in Spain. And, on top of what was already mentioned, this test has successfully reported the success rate of all that have done it, while predicting the future success in life of these same individuals.
The ESQ Test will allow understanding more about yourself and others while predicting the future success of anyone, including an entire company. This knowledge is a must-have for Business Consultants, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Human Resources Managers, as well as Social and Corporate Psychologists.
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