John Jamieson

Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds

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Most traditional financial advisors will tell you a "balanced & diversified" portfolio consists of different sectors of stocks. Garbage! You will see that stocks & mutual funds are only one of dozens of ways to create wealth & income.Whether you have extensive assets or are just getting started and need to create more income this book will be your guide. Discover how to:

Use the same secret programs banks and corporations have used for years to create wealth
Launch your own business and brand on a shoestring and quickly dominate your niche
Turn houses for big paychecks even if you have no money, no job, no credit and little time
Make 5 figure paychecks on over-financed beautiful houses with no cash or credit
Use a secret IRA to grow wealth safely, securely, and invest in almost anything you choose
Tap into already set up turnkey real estate investment solutions all over the country
Take advantage of the 21st century way to build passive income by networking
Make double digit returns and have the government guarantee your results

"John is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, financial wizard" — Dr. Taj Haynes

But wait… there's SO MUCH MORE! Find out why:

You should make yourself famous in your own niche to grow your income and sell out for a mint
You would access private funds all over the country to fund your business and real estate
You will turn your IRA into your own guaranteed lifetime income stream with no market risk
You should master marketing to turn any business into a cash flow monster on your terms
You should consider safely loaning out your money for high returns
You are needlessly paying thousands more of income taxes every year and how to stop it
You should change the way you bank and where you park money to rapidly pay down debts

Free bonus material available to be mailed and on-line!
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