Henrik Ibsen

The Master Builder

Halvard Solness is a successful master builder who has acquired both fame and fortune, yet he’s convinced his greatness will fade with the younger generation. He is committed to retaining his success, despite its negative effect on others.

Halvard Solness is an established architect who is well-known throughout his town. Over the years, his professional life has thrived at the expensive of his family. Despite the consequences, his career has become his primary focus. When he meets a young woman named Hilda, she becomes his unofficial muse, inspiring him to tackle new projects. Threatened by the next generation of builders, Halvard derails their progress to maintain his hold.

The Master Builder is an intimate portrait of a man driven by insecurity. His need for external validation clouds his judgment leading him to make a series of rash decisions. Ibsen delivers a poignant character study in this brilliant and indelible work.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Master Builder is both modern and readable.
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