Chris Christensen

Solving Organizational Problems

Everyone knows how to solve problems. But persistent problems, such as low morale, reduced productivity, or a gradual reduction in business metrics, can often seem insurmountable. Chris Christensen, a recognized technical management authority, provides a proven, straightforward approach to permanently resolve the most difficult and complicated problems that plague organizations. Follow the seven-step process detailed in Solving Organizational Problems to ensure that those recurring and debilitating problems that plague your organization get—and stay— solved.
Solving Organizational Problems borrows proven tools, practices, and techniques from marketing and sales, industrial psychology, six sigma, lean operations, project management, strategic planning, new product development, creativity enhancement, and other business processes, and combines them into a simple, straightforward, powerful method for surfacing and permanently eliminating troublesome, persistent problems once and for all. This approach is being applied with remarkable results in dozens of businesses and government agencies all over the world.
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