Barbara Grunes

Skinny Potatoes

One potato, two potato, 100+ potato recipes that make the most of this low-fat potassium powerhouse—including one-course baked potato meals!
Can the easy-to-cook, inexpensive, low-fat potato turn up with chicken and peanuts as the star of an exotic stir-fry? Can plump baked potatoes, topped with everything from shrimps and tofu to chicken and chili, win acclaim as delicious one-course meals? Yes—as these one-hundred-plus recipes prove!
Barbara Grunes, nationally known for her innovative and nutritionally aware recipes, makes it easy for both novice and seasoned cooks to transform bakers, broilers, red, new, sweet, and every other kind of potato into imaginative appetizers, hearty soups, exciting stir-fries, ten different potato salads, a dozen outdoor barbecues, and delicious sides, breads—even desserts.
And to “top” it off, Grunes presents no less than twenty-four luscious, low-fat toppings that recreate baked potatoes as main-course delights—Thai shrimp, eggplant Parmesan, ratatouille, Moroccan chicken, turkey chili, Cantonese stir-fry, Spanakopita, asparagus and mushrooms, tofu Veracruzana, Provencal vegetables, mushrooms and cheese, and many other ingredients. From Vichyssoise to Cuban mashed potato pudding to Bohemian dessert pancakes, this health-happy collection delivers both great taste and the incredible nutrition of the potato.
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