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You’ve been dreaming of your perfect business for years, but have never felt like you had the time it would take to get it up and running.
You see, businesses around you come and go, and you know that you could make a success of your own idea — if you just knew how to get it started.
You have the germ of an idea for a successful business, but you doubt your ability to field test and adapt your idea — so you let it just sit on the shelf.
If any of these scenarios describe where you are at right now, it’s time that you picked up this book, because I’m about to tell you how to get your dreams off the shelf — and into living color.
Startup: How to Build A Lean Business, Go From Zero to One & Impact the World With Your Innovation will teach you:

Innovative lean startup methods which will change how you look at business forever
The four stages of starting lean
How to annotate your startup into something truly unique
How to connect your vision with your audience
How to account for your time as a startup entrepreneur — and make your time count
Time-proven methodologies to sustain and expand your original startup idea into the best version of itself

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone takes the actions that are required in order to make their dream into a reality. All it takes is a little determination — and the how-to’s and walkthroughs from those who have gone before.

Using proven lean methodologies and case studies that show how these methods lead to success, Startup: How to Build A Lean Business, Go From Zero to One & Impact the World With Your Innovation will show you the way to build your future — one idea at a time.
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    Got a lot of use out of!

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    Armani Murphy define there are thousands of new startups each year; the Small Business. Present unsuccessful startup companies — a good idea does not always guarantee a great launch, or the continued success of the venture. Want to mention something that I’ve nodded to a few times here. Listen to everyone.

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    it's time that you picked up this book, because I'm about to tell you how to get your dreams off the shelf -- and into living color.


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    You’re not going to start Amazon, because that’s already been done.

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