Principles of Corporate Finance 11th Global Edition

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“Principles of Corporate Finance” is the worldwide leading text that describes the theory and practice of corporate finance. Throughout the book, the authors show how managers use financial theory to solve practical problems and as a way to respond to change by showing not just how, but why companies and management act as they do. This text is a valued reference for thousands of practicing financial managers. This Tenth Edition has been rewritten, refreshed, and fully updated to reflect the recent financial crisis and is now accompanied by Connect Finance, an exciting new homework management system.
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    Therefore the shareholders have limited liability, which means that they cannot be held personally responsible for the corporation’s debts
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    The value did not come from sophisticated financing. Microsoft’s financing strategy is very simple: it carries no debt to speak of and finances almost all investment by retaining and reinvesting cash flow.
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    Thoughtful shareholders do not want the maximum possible stock price. They want the maximum honest stock price.

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