Alex Gertschen

Wheels of normality

Norms and standards make it easier for companies and other organisations to reliably meet high expectations. They thus contribute to our trust in a normality that is characterised by quality, safety and comfort — and is therefore by no means “normal”. As necessary and effective as norms and standards are for a society based on the division of labour and complexity, the public awareness of them is low. That is why this non-fiction book provides for the first time an overview of norms and standards systems in Switzerland.
From a historical and a future-oriented perspective, the book takes up the following questions: Why and how have norms and standards become so important in recent decades? How exactly do they create their economic and social benefits? To what extent can they hinder or promote innovation and transformation — and what potential does this offer for sustainable development?
Journalists, academics and other experts provide answers based on fundamental articles and case studies from companies and other organisations.
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