Amanda Brooks

The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 2: Advertising and Marketing

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The notoriety of escorts on Backpage.com, Craigslist, and Eros Guide might give the idea that all there is to starting an Internet escort business is placing an ad online, on whatever escort advertising website is left after the passage of FOSTA/SESTA. Not true!

Escorting is a business, and a business that requires heavy marketing. Learn how independent escorts use the Internet to create their own safe, sane, successful escort business. Covering the basics of choosing an advertising site to creating your own website to participating on discussion boards, no facet of Internet escort work is left unexamined. Perfect for the newbie escort as well as the seasoned sex worker looking to maximize her online presence and upgrade her business. (Happy escorts make for happy clients and a happy business.)

Book 2: Advertising and Marketing is an exhaustively detailed tome of building an escort business from the ground up.

-— Create, name, brand and market an Internet escort persona

-— Use that image to attract the clients of choice

-— Learn what clients do and don't want to see on an ad or site

-— Build a rate structure that works. (Hint: lowering rates isn't the answer!)

-— Find Web hosting and a domain for less than $130 a year

-— Continue marketing during escorting appointments

-— How to choose good photographers and web designers

-— Playing, and winning, the review game

—— Not playing the review game and still have a thriving business

-— Take advantage of DIY tips for those who want total control over their photos and websites

— and MUCH MORE!

The Internet Escort's Handbook series relays a wealth of information in a clear, concise and approachable manner. Prepare yourself for a myth-exploding examination of what sex work requires from the escort while creating an honest and humane vision of a mysterious, maligned business.
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