William Walker Atkinson

Prosperity Super Pack #4

This is the fourth in our important Prosperity series. Now together for the first time are ten more of the most important books ever written on the subject of Wealth and Success. We’ve gathered another 1,000+ pages of the best advice and instruction that you’ll ever receive on how to become successful, for one incredibly reasonable price. The writers in this volume are all legendary and for good reason. It’s time to stop hoping for success and do something about getting it. This book will guide you every step of the way.

Collected in this omnibus edition are: 'Awakened Imagination' by Neville Goddard; 'The Go-Getter' by Peter B. Kyne; 'Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living' by Venice J. Bloodworth; 'Your Word Is Your Wand' by Florence Scovel Shinn; 'Creative Mind' by Ernest Holmes; 'Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success' by James Allen; 'The New Psychology' by Charles F. Haanel; 'Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic' by William Walker Atkinson; 'The Secret of Power' by Robert Collier; and 'Conscious Union with God' by Joel Goldsmith.
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