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Jeff Vandermeer

The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance

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If J.J. Abrams and Margaret Atwood collaborated on a novel, it might look something like ‘Annihilation’, the first in an extraordinary trilogy.
For thirty years, Area X, monitored by the secret agency known as the Southern Reach, has remained mysterious and remote behind its intangible border– an environmental disaster zone, though to all appearances an abundant wilderness. Eleven expeditions have been sent in to investigate; even for those that have made it out alive, there have been terrible consequences.
‘Annihilation’ is the story of the twelfth expedition and is told by its nameless biologist. Introverted but highly intelligent, the biologist brings her own secrets with her. She is accompanied by a psychologist, an anthropologist and a surveyor, their stated mission: to chart the land, take samples and expand the Southern Reach’s understanding of Area X.
But they soon find out that they are being manipulated by forces both strange and all too familiar. An unmapped tunnel is not as it first appears. An inexplicable moaning calls in the distance at dusk. And while each member of the expedition has surrendered to the authority of the Southern Reach, the power of Area X is far more difficult to resist.
‘Annihilation’ is the first volume in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy, which will be published throughout 2014: volume two (’Authority’) in May, and volume three (’Acceptance’) in September 2014.
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  • UGLYPUPmembagikan kesan6 tahun yang lalu
    👍Layak dibaca
    🚀Sangat menarik

    Strange and dreamy tale of first contact

  • Belinda Fongmembagikan kesan6 tahun yang lalu
    🔮Kearifan Tersembunyi
    🚀Sangat menarik

    Annihilation captures you the moment you start reading. The whole concept is quite interesting and strange. I love the details and the way the author describes things. Love the fact that the characters do not have names. The book has left me questioning a lot of things as there are so many weird things that has happened in Area X. What is the purpose of Area X? What is exactly the Crawler? What really happened to the previous expeditions?

    Since the moment I saw the movie trailer, I immediately got hooked on and couldn't wait to read the book. Now that I have finished reading in 2 days, I can't wait to finally see the film! 😀

    It is a must read for those who love interesting, sci-fi fantasy, strange, out-of-the-world stories 😊

  • nataliaescortesmembagikan kesan6 tahun yang lalu
    👍Layak dibaca

    Creepy and addicting.


  • Geraldine Guarnerosmembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    … the shadows of the abyss are like the petals of a monstrous flower that shall blossom within the skull and expand the mind beyond what any man can bear …
  • Артурmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    That which dies shall still know life in death for all that decays is not forgotten and reanimated shall walk the world in a bliss of not-knowing …
  • faultcoremembuat kutipantahun lalu
    We all live in a kind of continuous dream,” I told him. “When we wake, it is because something, some event, some pinprick even, disturbs the edges of what we’ve taken as reality.”

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