Mike Hawkins

The SCOPE of Leadership Book Series

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The fully searchable digital box set that includes the six-book series: Leadership, Self, Communications, Others, Partnerships, and Execution.The SCOPE of Leadership six-book series outlines the competencies that great leaders who lead as coaches possess. Read this series to learn the principles of developing, enabling, and inspiring people through a coaching approach to leadership. Develop the capabilities that produce consistently outstanding results; be a leader people aspire to follow; leverage cross-functional collaboration; build trust, teamwork, and a spirit of community; increase employee engagement and loyalty; communicate with confidence; foster innovation and competitive advantage; attract, develop, and motivate top talent; sustain speed, quality, and operational excellence.The SCOPE of Leadership book series teaches how to achieve exceptional results by working through people. You will learn a straightforward framework to guide you in developing, enabling, exhorting, inspiring, managing, and assimilating people. Benefit from the wisdom of many years of leadership, consulting, and executive coaching experience. Discover how to develop the competencies that align consistently with great leadership. The SCOPE of Leadership digital box set is fully searchable between books and includes links to additional resources and content by the author.&quote;The most comprehensive treatment of leadership I've ever seen by one author . . . full of insightful assessments, useful tools, and practical tips.&quote; -Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge
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