Mickey Huibregtsen

Management Made Simple

Our societies have come to the end of the road. We need a fundamental reconstruction of the
systems and institutions that now govern us and redefine the roles of all the players with a stronger focus on making things work by respecting the human dimension. This is not a choice between socialism, and capitalism or any other –ism. There is no future for any pure –ism. Life is too complex and interdependent for that. We need organic institutions with a clear view of purpose and values. We need governments that guide and inspire, rather than direct and control. We need corporations that pursue value creation for all stakeholders
and finally we need citizens that reassume their personal responsibility for the wellbeing of

The world’s complexity grows exponentially in the 2010s and 2020s. And with it the challenge
to management at any level of any organization anywhere. The purpose of this book is to help
managers deal with this complexity by offering some simple concepts, models and ideas on topics varying from corporate strategy to organisation, leadership and operating performance. The working hypothesis in doing so is that there is only one way of dealing with complexity and that is by making things simple.

In this book Mickey Huibregtsen shares his vision and ideas with next generations of leaders. This book is relevant for managers at any level in any type of organization who aspire to “see the forest through the trees”.
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