Megan Mulry

If the Shoe Fits

The only thing worse than being in the spotlight is being kept in the dark…With paparazzi nipping at his heels, Devon Heyworth, rakish brother of the Duke of Northrop, spends his whole life hiding his intelligence and flaunting his playboy persona. Fast cars and faster women give the tabloids plenty to talk about.American entrepreneur Sarah James is singularly unimpressed with &quote;The Earl&quote; when she meets him at a wedding. But she's made quite an impression on him. When he pursues her all the way across the pond, he discovers that Miss James has no intention of being won over by glitz and glamor-she's got real issues to deal with, and the last thing she needs is larger-than-life royalty mucking about her business…Praise for USA Today bestseller A Royal Pain:&quote;A romantic, fantastic, enchanting treat…Don't miss A Royal Pain!&quote;-Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author of The Ugly Duchess&quote;Megan Mulry is a must-read author. Highly recommended.&quote;-Jennifer Probst, New York Times bestselling author of The Marriage Mistake&quote;Filled with clever characters, witty banter, and steamy sex, readers won't be able to put it down.&quote;-RT Book Reviews, 5 Stars
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