Sonia Ricotti

The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple

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Have you already discovered the Law of Attraction but still experience difficulty achieving all you desire in life? THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, PLAIN AND SIMPLE provides eleven steps that will help you master and apply this ancient and universal law. Ricotti — in plain and simple English — provides a framework for thinking about the L.o.A., but more importantly, provides a concrete plan for incorporating this principle into daily living. Descriptive material is interspersed with exercises. She expertly illustrates her material with apt stories. The beauty of this little book is that it strips away all of the esoterica often associated with this topic and presents it in a way which is psychologically sound and fairly hard-headed. This is the Law of Attraction for the rest of us, for those who have short attention spans, believe in a positive attitude towards life and do not connect with the New Age mumbo-jumbo that is often associated with getting the most out of life.
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    En super god bog, den giver en masse hjælp til hvordan man kan tænke positivt, og forklarer også rimelig godt hvad the LOA går ud på og hvordan man kan bruge den.


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    This can be achieved by three simple statements: feel it, believe it, achieve it
    Ivanmembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    Begin with the end in mind

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