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From Medication to Meditation

Osho speaks in many of his talks on health as a more holistic understanding of the “BodyMindSpirit” complex. His depth of insights into what makes a healthy and whole human being plus the many meditation methods he has developed are a vital part of his overall vision and proposal to humanity. Although he never gave a series of talks specifically about health issues, he requested and titled this collection of selected material “From Medication to Meditation” which was subsequently compiled under the supervision of his personal physician.In the foreword, which is a talk by Osho given to the Medical Association in India, he paints his vision of a healthier and more whole future when he says “…every hospital will have a department of meditation. It should happen. Then we will be able to treat man as a whole. The body will be taken care of by the doctors, the mind by the psychologists, and the soul by meditation.“The day the hospitals accept man as a whole, as a totality, and then treat him as such, will be a day of rejoicing for mankind.” — Osho
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    I don’t see that there is any other psychotherapy than love
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    No other animal on Earth is such a problem, an anxiety, a tension, a disease, an illness, in the way man is. And this condition itself has given man all growth, all evolution, because “disease” means that one cannot be happy with where one is; one cannot accept what one is
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    Watch, witness, and you will be surprised. You have a headache: the pain is there but suffering is not there. Suffering is a secondary phenomenon, pain is primary. The headache is there, the pain is there; it is simply a fact. There is no judgment about it. You don’t call it good or bad, you don’t give it any value; it is just a fact. The rose is a fact, so is the thorn. The day is a fact, so is the night. The head is a fact, so is the headache. You simply take note of it.

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