Doug Heatherly

A Pirate Captain's Guide to Leadership

Every workplace has them. Employees with bad attitudes. People who ignore the rules. Rude and insubordinate workers. Individuals who put forth little or no effort, produce substandard output, and yet still expect everything in your organization to revolve around them.
If you've attempted to manage these people, you already know it can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and wholly ineffective endeavor. Leading them is the only real solution. A Pirate Captain's Guide to Leadership gives you the power to turn “workplace pirates” into motivated and productive employees.
This is not a "gimmick" book that rehashes the same old superficial philosophies. It's a definitive “how to” manual for today's supervisors and managers. The parallel between the Golden Age of Piracy and the modern American workplace provides an entertaining metaphor, but within each of the book's eight major sections are clear and concise chapters that explain exactly what to do and how to do it.
With more than 30 years of hands-on leadership experience, author Doug Heatherly focuses on the practical aspects of employee development. He offers a proven set of leadership skills that you can apply today – not only with “workplace pirates,” but with every employee (ALL workers respond to effective leadership).
The well-organized structure makes it an ideal learning tool for newly-appointed supervisors, as well as an indispensable quick reference for experienced managers at any level. The techniques and examples are applicable in business, government, education, and non-profit organizations – anywhere that motivation, discipline, proficiency, commitment, teamwork, and results are important
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