Henri Nouwen


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Henri Nouwen, beloved author, priest and world-renowned counsellor and guide, understood the spiritual life as a journey of faith and transformation that is deepened by accountability, community and relationships. Although Henri counselled many people during his lifetime, his principles of discernment were never collected into a single volume. Now, in association with the Nouwen Legacy Trust, Michael Christensen — one of Nouwen's long-time students — and Rebecca Laird have taken his coursework, journals and unpublished writings and created the definitive resource on spiritual discernment. Discernment is the final volume in a trilogy of Nouwen titles. Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation are also published by SPCK.
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    I am scared, sometimes, to own anything, even a name, let alone coin, or shares in the oil, the munitions, the airplane factories. I am scared to take a proprietary interest in anything, for fear that my love of what I own may be killing somebody somewhere
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    Our difficult and now urgent task is to realize that nature is not a possession to be conquered but a gift to be received with respect and gratitud
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    Beauty by its very nature is fragile. Touch it too roughly and it’s gone, grasp it too firmly and its petals fall away. It must be held onto lightly and gazed on attentively or it slips away.

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