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Peter DeHaan

The 52 Churches Workbook

What would you learn if you visited 52 churches?

How might that experience change the way you treated visitors at your church?

But you don’t need to go to a boatload of churches to find out. Church-reform advocate Peter DeHaan, PhD already has. The 52 Churches Workbook is the perfect tool to gain valuable insights without the pain and hassle of going to a different church every Sunday for an entire year.

Merely thinking about making your church better isn’t enough. It’s time to act.

With over 200 thought-provoking questions to propel you and your church forward, you’ll discover:

— How to greet visitors well.

— The importance of making a good first impression and a parting memory.

— The way one person can make the difference between success and failure.

— Best practices from churches that treat visitors well, along with what to avoid.

— Why a website is critical and shouldn’t resemble a dating profile.

The 52 Churches Workbook is the perfect companion for 52 Churches, but it also works great as a standalone book for those who haven’t yet read 52 Churches.

Don’t go another Sunday without this essential resource. Perfect for leaders and members.

Get The 52 Churches Workbook and take the first step to becoming a church that matters.
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