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Index to The Collected Works of Eugene Halliday

An Index forming a study guide to “The Collected Works of Eugene Halliday”. Eugene Halliday (1911–1987) was an artist, writer and psychotherapist. Drawing on many traditions of human knowledge — the texts of world religions, mystical schools such as Qabalah, poetry, philosophy and theology (Blake, Milton, Nietzsche, Boehme), psychology (Jung) and modern science (Einstein) — he related and interpreted all of these, making them comprehensible and accessible. This work was the foundation of his creation of a psychotherapeutic method from which many were to benefit in the years following the second world war, and which is still of relevance and benefit to us today. His books form a comprehensive guide to self-development, both psychological and spiritual; and an interpretation of the wisdom traditions, East and West, for modern students of consciousness studies, philosophy, psychology, science, religion and hermeneutics.
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