Melanie Colusci

From Start-Up to Success

Ladies, if you want to start a business—or you’re a little unsure of the path with your new brand—then, From Start-Up to Success: Navigating the Journey to Becoming (and Staying) a Successful Entrepreneur is just what you need to cut through the confusion and get on the road to happy, successful business ownership.

Melanie Colusci guides you through the initial steps of starting your business, talking to you like your best friend would:

• Explaining how to set up your brand

• Alleviating the stress surrounding taxes

• Nudging you in the right direction for marketing, plus so much more.

Don’t do it alone! Take advice from a friend who has been in business over 20 years . . . and has learned from her mistakes and achievements.
If a successful business is your dream, then you need this quick-read guide for setting your business up and plunging in the right direction. This is the book that business owners wish they had when they first got their brilliant idea! It will help you unleash your potential, plot your path, and conquer some of the unknowns of new business ownership. Let’s work!
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