Marie Force

Fool for Love

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Joe Cantrell, owner of the Gansett Island Ferry Company, has been in love with Janey McCarthy for as long as he can remember. At the same
time, Janey has been dating or engaged to doctor-in-training David
Lawrence. When things go horribly wrong between David and Janey, she calls her “fifth brother” Joe, one of the few people in her close circle
who lives on the mainland. Janey decides a few days with Joe is just
what she needs before she goes home to the island to face her parents
and family with the news of her broken engagement. It was bad enough for Joe loving Janey from afar, but having her in his house is pure
torture. Will he take advantage of this opportunity to show her what
they could have together? And what will Joe’s best friend and Janey’s
protective older brother Mac have to say about it?
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